Windset Farms

Santa Maria

The Windset Farms project is a phased construction of a hydroponic agricultural production enterprise which consists of four greenhouses totaling approximately 5.7 million square feet at full build out, a 174,000 square foot produce packing facility, four caretaker units, supporting water storage tanks, driveways, parking, landscaping, and other supporting infrastructure. Hydroponically grown vegetables are cultivated in the controlled environment provided by greenhouses. Vegetables are grown in soilless bags with drip irrigation. Once ready, the vegetables are hand-picked and delivered to the packing facility. The vegetables are graded and packed, stored in the cooler, and then are ready for shipping.

Phase 1 would consist of approximately 2,989,313 square feet of development, including two greenhouses totaling 2,852,916 square feet. The greenhouses are typical glass envelopes with steel frame construction. The steel is set in concrete footings with the rest of the greenhouse floor remaining as compacted soil. The height of the greenhouses will be 28 feet at their highest point.

Other Phase 1 facilities include: a 128,916 square foot produce packing facility, including associated offices, employee break rooms and lounge areas, and supporting infrastructure facilities, including a cooler for keeping the vegetables fresh prior to shipping and a boiler room which provides additional heating for offices.

Phase 2 would consist of a 1,426,650 square foot greenhouse in the northeasterly quadrant and a 44,627 square foot addition to the produce packing facility in the central portion of the project site. Phase 3 would construct the fourth and final 1,425,747 square foot greenhouse on the southeasterly quadrant of the project site.