DJ Farms


UPC developed the DJ Farms Specific Plan, the largest planning document area in Guadalupe. The DJ Farms Revised Specific Plan establishes the land uses and development standards that would govern future development of the 209 acre DJ Farms property located within the City of Guadalupe. The site was annexed into the City in 1995 in order to accommodate the anticipated growth of Guadalupe. A Specific Plan was adopted at that time to plan for future growth. The Revised Specific Plan currently under review by the City expands upon that original Specific Plan by illustrating the capital improvements needed to accommodate desired development and estimates the likely fiscal effects on the City of Guadalupe.  It is expected to be submitted to the City Council in early 2011.

The plan accommodates development of up to 802 single-family units in diverse densities reflecting the desired home types needed for Guadalupe. 18 acres of commercial land uses are also included in the plan that would be phased over several years.

One of the goals of the Revised Specific Plan is to allow the development of new commercial businesses that will not detract from efforts to revitalize the downtown.  To accomplish this goal, the plan places a limit on the floor area of new commercial development devoted to uses that could compete directly with businesses in the downtown.

The plan designates a 12-acre site for the Guadalupe School District, a public park for active recreation, project parks throughout the development, and open space. Multi-use public trails would be designed along the Union Pacific and Santa Maria Valley Railroad lines connecting open space pockets.

A 100-foot wide agricultural buffer is located around the perimeter of the plan area. The agricultural buffer would consist of a perimeter road and landscaping around the plan area to reduce conflicts between urban development and farming.

Development that results from adherence to the Revised Specific Plan would be accessed off of Main Street by extensions of Obispo Street and Flower Avenue into a network of interior circulation streets. Improvements to Main Street including signalization would result. No access would be provided directly onto Highway 1. Other necessary infrastructure improvements include connections to sewer and water service.